Dankbrief Roemenië

Update “Eye Exam Project”

On behalf of the entire „LOC Foundation”, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank Dutch volunteer team (George de Jong, Carlien Bijlsma and Emely Tan) for their participation and help in the Project “Eye Exam”.

During the week of 28.09 – 04.10.2014, alongside staff and volunteers from Fundatia LOC, we were able to offer a standard Ophthalmic Exam for 431 kids. It took 6 full days to complete this amazing project, morning to noon, about 10 staff and Romanian and Dutch volunteers every day to cover all the kids who are part of the foundation programs.

Monday and Tuesday (29 and 30th of September), we were in Ogra (a small village 20 minutes outside of Targu Mures with more than 800 gypsies), and we were able to offer help to 188 kids and some of their moms. Wednesday through Saturday we had a room ready at “Casa Rene” and worked with 243 orphan kids in state group homes from Mures County).

Most of the kids had never had an eye exam before, especially the gypsy kids in Ogra village, who may never been to a doctor’s cabinet before. Also we would like to say thanks to the donors and sponsors for providing about 50 pairs of glasses for the kids who needed them. Through your generosity and support we can offer a better life to the orphans and kids in risk of abandonment from Mures County.

Again many thanks for your generous support.