A reflection on a successful eye camp

I hope everybody had a safe trip back after a busy six days of eye screening – and testing. It is really great to see how this little project grew from a 4 man band to a team of about 20 very motivated volunteers plus the support of a Dutch group from Stichting Zienderogen.

It was good to see new people joining us and people enjoying each other’s company. For Ralph, Kat, Feng, Som and Don it was their first mission and they made a big compliment to our programme by signing up for the second part, right after we finished in Mae Cheam.

And, did we need a full team in Phrao!!
We delivered 683 pairs of reading glasses in Mae Cheam and 370 in Phrao. That’s over a thousand people that we enabled to read , do handicrafts or traditional embroidery. The total number of clients was over 1200. We had 40 prescriptions glasses that will be delivered in the next couple of weeks. This would not have been possible without the help from the Dutch Zienderogen team: Marjan, Robert and Arnold.

It was very special for me to see all these people going through all the stations for  eye pressure, vision, refraction and have their eye health checked. From day one of Lanna Ta Dee, it has been important to me to make this a team effort, including data management, translators,transportation, media, Auto -Refractor machinists, IOP checking, people flow management, distribution of glasses, organization, etc. etc.

It made me extremely proud to see this all come together and thank you all for that, I truly feel honored to work with this team and keep telling everybody it. Because of the way we work, we are now respected partners for the health centers and hospitals which is about as good as it gets.

Just wanted to let you know this and I will follow up with a Newsletter soon,

Tjeerd Bouma, 21th October 2016